Paying off payday loans -We can help you to consolidate your loans

The arrival of the retirement age generates most of the time a fall in income that it is wise to anticipate.

If you are in this case and you are afraid of having to lower your lifestyle, the pooling of credits can allow you to optimize your budget by having no more than one and only one payment refinement to pay. Moreover, We takes care of everything, you will have only one interlocutor and you will not have to change banks.

We can help you to consolidate your loans

The grouping of senior credits will not take the same form depending on whether you own or rent your main home.

Indeed, in the first case, it will bring together two types of credit: real estate credit and consumer credit. To do this, we collect all the loan repayments in one to have only one monthly payment.

The peculiarity of this type of credit redemption is that it requires a mortgage guarantee established at a notary, the lender requesting security for the repayment of credit.

An accurate analysis of the situation of the retired household, or in the process of becoming so, is then made and a file is compiled. The interest is, of course, to reduce the monthly weight of credits significantly.

For those who have many payday loans, the only solution is to consolidate them. Get the help you need.

This solution is particularly interesting when it comes to loans with a high rate and especially revolving credits.

In this case, the grouping of credits makes it possible to have only one rate and thus to lighten the monthly payment. The constitution of the file is the same as for a household of retired owners, except for the mortgage guarantee.

Once the file is accepted, we obtain a new loan with a revised repayment term, a renegotiated rate, and a lighter monthly payment.

How old are you?

The maximum age for a credit pool subscription depends on its duration. For consolidation of consumer loans, the last monthly payment must be made before the 84th birthday of the borrower plus six months. And for a group of credits with mortgage guarantee, the last repayment will have to be made before the 90th birthday.

Do not wait to anticipate your retirement. Contact us advisor who will call you back for free to build your file.