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Fast and unbureaucratic loans for the self-employed and companies


Bank says no and what now?

To some extent, it is part of the nature of every independent professional activity and entrepreneurship that even with otherwise solid business and serious planning, there may be financing gaps here and there which must be closed. This requires fast, short-term and unbureaucratic loan solutions to ensure solvency and maintain business operations. The self-employed, tradesmen and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often desperately looking for uncomplicated financing solutions in the sense of a bridging loan or bridging finance.

Classic banks are geared towards long-term loans

Although self-employed persons and SMEs usually have a long-standing and good relationship with their house bank, it turns out that the house bank is not the appropriate contact for short-term and time-critical loan solutions. Often, however, one does not want to overburden the confidence of the house bank by having to disclose there liquidity problems or general problems in the course of business.

financinga stands for short-term, fast and unbureaucratic loans

Well, there are alternatives to the house bank. The finance company financinga is fully specialized in short-term, fast and unbureaucratic loan solutions, thus closing a real market gap. Thanks to a specially developed innovative credit analysis technology and the cooperation with Fibor Bank, financinga is able to quickly and easily lend short-term loans, for example to provide liquidity or to buy preliminary products.

Conditions of financinga at a glance:

  • Credit lines from € 1,000 to € 100,000
  • Loans for SMEs as well as freelancers, freelancers, tradesmen and self-employed
  • Realistic credit opportunities even if conventional banks have already rejected
  • Loan applications are completed online & paperless within minutes
  • Credit decision & payment can be made within 24 hours
  • Non-binding & free financing offer
  • Terms up to 12 months

Requirements for financinga loans in Germany:

  • Annual sales from 10,000 €
  • All legal forms allowed
  • At least four months of operational activity
  • Registered in Germany

Important: Acceptance criteria are much less stringent than in conventional banking. Additional collateral is not required.

With the financinga online platform, self-employed and SMEs can easily and quickly apply for loans, for example, to buy goods, settle unexpected bills or secure growth. This makes financinga the ideal partner for short-term financing solutions as bridge financing, bridging loan and problem solving of unforeseen financing bottlenecks or liquidity gaps.

financinga with top reviews on TrustPilot

There are currently over 250 reviews of verified customers with an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10 when it comes to evaluating customer service or the entire offer on TrustPilot. Particularly often and positively, the simple processing of the credit inquiry is highlighted:

“Easy-to-use Internet portal, easy upload of the required documents, nice, sympathetic, competent telephone contact, fast processing, gladly again…”

The speed of settlement, which is of enormous importance in time-critical financing problems, is praiseworthy mentioned:

“I’m excited! Uncomplicated application, everything online without annoying paperwork – in addition still accessible, friendly and competent contact person! And everything was done in 14 days… For this, other banks like to need 6 months… Highly recommended! Thank you!!”

Our credit rating for short-term and fast online loans for the self-employed and SMEs is summarized in the monthly updated bridging loan ranking. financinga has been a TEST WINNER for short-term and fast loan solutions for months.

Our recommendations for short-term and fast loan solutions, bridging loans and bridging loans:

Our top recommendations for short-term loan solutions up to 100,000 euros are, in addition to financinga, the finance portal  inancingent.

We also recommend moneyor, especially for smaller loan projects that require explanation, because here the loan project can be presented in detail to the investors. Experience shows that this has a very positive effect on lending. More about: Secret tip Crowdlending: Alternative loan for the self-employed with good chances of success!

Self-employed, freelancers, small companies and tradesmen should know…

  1. The Digital Corporate Loan offered by inancingent meets the requirements for fast lending to bridge financing bottlenecks: within just 24 hours, a loan commitment of more than € 100,000, a maximum of € 750,000 within 48 hours. Also under: inancingent also for fast credit solutions within 24 hours!
  2. Financing is possible by means of money from the state even without repayment: More on: How self-employed, founders and small companies received money from the state even without repayment!
  3. inancingent facilitates the financing of start-ups and start-up companies. More about: start-up financing for self-employed, founders and entrepreneurs
  4. Important and always underestimated: Always study first credit requirements, and then submit the application! This saves unnecessary frustration and false hopes.
  5. With the financial portal inancingent, commercial real estate financing can save up to 30% interest!
  6. Company leasing is a suitable alternative to normal corporate lending if there is no equity or otherwise tied up, or if credit lines are not to be charged further.
  7. Find the cheapest loan offer instead search: With the credit formula can save up to 40% interest!
  8. Did you know that the Financial Technologies company financinga makes loan decisions within a few hours and therefore within one business day possible for up to € 100,000 for short-term loans!
  9. With inancingent, SMEs and self-employed people can order and compare other tailor-made financial products online in addition to the company loan : project financing, company leasing, current account credit, investment loan, bridging loan,…
  10. Before you go for a loan to the bank or the Internet, you should inform yourself about the credit requirements in detail! This saves you unnecessary frustration and false hopes.
  11. A financially strong guarantor increases your chances for a loan!
  12. If you do not find a guarantor, a credit insurance can be useful as additional security!

Everything else about loans for the self-employed, freelancers, founders, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and small companies can be found in our practice guide loans for small businesses and the self-employed.

Instant loan without private credit information – The best provider?

The Private credit entry can have a negative impact on the credit rating. But if you need a loan without Private credit quickly, today you can choose from a variety of options.

  • Little effort and fast payout of the money
  • Even small amounts possible
  • No entry of loans in the Private credit

You are looking for an instant loan without Private credit? Where are the best deals on instant loans without Private credit? Reputable providers, important background knowledge and tips for your credit comparison. We show you how it works!

Instant loans without Private credit: The possibilities are manifold

Getting a loan without a Private credit query is almost no problem today. Above all online, there are many providers who make bridging financial difficulties possible even if the credit rating is not so excellent. In the test, we took a closer look at the providers and selected the test winner for the instant loan without Private credit. For a brief overview of the different options, there is a small summary:

Make money quickly with DivaPawnshop

DivaPawnshop is the first online pawn shop. The provider works on the classic principle of pawnbroking. Anyone who has valuables can give these in payment and must pay interest on the amount granted. The credit is not mentioned in the Private credit.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Get money fast and easy
  • Repurchase of valuables easily possible
  • Even larger amounts can be claimed

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Repayment required within a certain period of time
  • If not returned, the valuable item changes ownership
  • Partly high interest rates

Gems and jewelry bring money to DivaPawnshop

Use offers from private providers

Today, there are many investment opportunities and one of them is the option to lend money privately to privately. Agents such as auxmoney and smava have specialized in providing a platform for these offers. Here there is the instant loan without Private credit usually without problems.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Negotiable amount of the amount
  • Negotiable repayment modalities
  • No entry at the Private credit

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • The loan does not have to be granted
  • Demand of collateral possible
  • The amount of interest may be higher than the current interest rate

Microcredit: When a small amount is enough

Sometimes it is only a small liquidity weakness to bridge the next salary receipt.

Here, a microcredit, for example, from Xpresscredit or cashper sufficient. The platforms offer the issuance of small loans without Private credit.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for bridging short financial difficulties
  • No long maturities
  • Small amounts of interest due to short maturities

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • The amounts are repayable quickly
  • Interest rates are set high

Instant loan without Private credit information: our test winner

In addition to the above options, there are also providers in the network who provide a loan without Private credit. The amount of the loan is variable. These providers include Maxda and Crediter. In our for the instant loan without Private credit information Crediter could score. The loan application can be made quickly and free of charge via an online form. The instant loan amounts up to 100,000 euros are possible. The loans are at leisure, it is not necessary to specify a purpose here. Another advantage is the flexible terms, they are between 12 and 120 months. With interest from 4.9 percent, Crediter is also the winner in this area.

Conclusion: Crediter without Private credit information get a fair commitment

Even without Private credit information an instant loan is possible on fair terms. Above all, the provider Crediter could score points in the test. This scores with flexible terms of 12 – 120 months and an interest rate of 4.9 percent.

Particularly noteworthy is the maximum possible loan amount of up to 100,000 euros.

Corporate loans for small businesses and the self-employed in 24 hours!

Fast Corporate Loan Most Wanted Loan!

Although fast-lending as a bridging loan is the most sought after form of financing, the principal bank does not prove to be the right partner for this purpose. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), businesses and the self-employed usually have a long-standing and good relationship with their principal bank, which is primarily geared towards longer-term financing solutions. It is no secret, however, that since the last financial crisis, credit financing for SMEs and the self-employed has become considerably more difficult. In this situation, it is more than understandable that one would like to stress the laboriously built up trust with the house bank only with short-term financing desires. In most cases, the house bank is not the right contact for short-term financing problems.

Digital corporate loan from Inancingent in the event of financial bottlenecks!

In the event of defaults or other financing bottlenecks, self-employed and small companies in particular depend on speed for loans. A fast corporate loan with a binding commitment is the solution. The new digital corporate loan offered by Inancingent in cooperation with solare bank fulfills exactly the requirements for a fast loan solution to overcome financing gaps.

Inancingent’s Digital Corporate Loan is a 100% digitized end-to-end process. Until the signing of the contract no manual step is necessary anymore.

The financing portal Inancingent has recently complemented its offer in the segment of short-term loans up to € 100,000 for small and micro enterprises, the self-employed and freelancers by working together with the fintech company financinga.

The Digital Corporate Loan, a bridging loan from Inancingent, meets the requirements for rapid lending to bridge financing bottlenecks for the self-employed, professionals, tradesmen and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • Bridging loan up to 100,000 euros within 24 hours
  • Bridging loan up to 750,000 euros within 48 hours

Fast Company Credit: Fastest Possible Credit Decision by 100% Digitization!

After the applicant has entered his funding parameters, a fully digital process is started in which all parties communicate via interfaces. In advance, data from the commercial register, credit bureaus and the e-balance sheet are automatically requested by the customer and integrated into the tender. The deep technical integration between the systems of solare bank and Inancingent enables the end-to-end integration of customer identification, digital signature and loan disbursement. Thus, a quick corporate loan with binding commitment is only possible.

In the traditional loan application process, applicants still have to take many manual steps, all of which are eliminated with the Inancingent Digital Corporate Loan. This allows SMEs, the self-employed, business people, freelancers and micro-enterprises to apply for loans quickly, easily and unbureaucratically. This is only possible with a fully digitized process.

Digital corporate loan from Inancingent Bridging loan TEST WINNER!

Every month, the SME Credit team researches existing and newly offered corporate loans as bridging loans to remedy financial bottlenecks on the Internet. The results of the search are published monthly in a bridging loan ranking for SMEs and self-employed persons. Loan seekers thus receive up-to-date and reliable information about the interest rates and customer friendliness of the online credit providers.

Short-term credit ranking for last month’s companies:

Bridging Credit Ranking of December 2018

rank company maximum application
1 Inancingent 750’000 € > application
2 financinga 100’000 € > application
3 Crediter 100’000 € > application
4 Funding Square 250’000 € > application
5 Pixocredit 100’000 € > application
6 moneyor 50’000 € > application
7 creditend 75’000 € > application

Digital bridging loan with special conditions!

The Inancingent Digital Corporate Loan offers a loan solution that can be quickly, comfortably and flexibly adapted to the financing plans. From 10,000 euros, financing with a duration of between six and 60 months is possible. The loan amount can be taken up as low as 2.7 percent nominal interest without the need for collateral.

Where is the bridging loan used?

Unlike the long-term corporate loan, the bridging loan is used for short-term financing (eg financial bottlenecks in the company).

Frequent application areas of the Inancingent Digital Corporate Loan as bridging loan or interim loan are:

  • Payment of urgent liabilities
    In a sense, it is in the nature of entrepreneurship that even with otherwise prosperous business operations and careful planning, unforeseen financial bottlenecks can occur again and again. Here the bridging loan can be a valuable help.
  • Exploitation of discounts at suppliers
    If sufficient liquidity is not available, the customer will miss out on a potential discount through discounts or discounts. Even if the interest rate of a bridging loan often seems high due to the short-term presentation, it is generally worth the interim financing to use discounts and save money.
  • order pre-financing
    Unforeseen order volumes often lead to liquidity bottlenecks. The short-term borrowing via bridging finance solves this problem.

For those in need of more complex financing, Inancingent continues to provide expert and product independent expert advice on all financing products. See also:
SME tip: With one request, access to 220 financial partners and 1,700 subsidies!

More information at: Inancingent for SMEs, self-employed, tradesmen and freelancers

Alternatives to the Digital Mittelstand loan from Inancingent

Our further recommendation besides Inancingent is the FinTech company financinga for short-term loan solutions up to 100,000 euros within 24 hours. For further alternatives for fast corporate loans, we refer to the monthly published transition credit ranking.

Many self-employed, tradesmen and small companies did not know that…

  1. … with the financial portal Inancingent, the credit opportunities compared to the house bank increase by 100% and 30% savings can be saved? More: SME tip: 100% higher credit chances and 30% interest savings!
  2. … Factoring as a credit alternative for small and medium-sized companies is not only an interesting solution in times of crisis!
  3. … you can receive money from the state even without repayment: More on: How self-employed, founders and small companies receive money from the state even without repayment!
  4. … Company leasing is a suitable alternative to normal corporate lending if there is no equity or otherwise tied up, or if the lines of credit are not to be charged further.
  5. … can be selected from 220 financial partners by means of Inancingent in commercial real estate financing !
  6. … the financing of start-ups and start-up companies is possible through Inancingent. More about: start-up financing for self-employed, founders and entrepreneurs
  7. … that loan seekers can present their loan project at the credit marketplace moneyor and thus have a higher chance of making a positive decision: why self-employed people at moneyor have better credit opportunities!
  8. … the purpose of the credit in the credit decision of the bank is important.
  9. … before an SME turns to the bank with its request for credit, it should be informed in detail about the credit requirements !
  10. … a financially strong guarantor definitely increases your credit chances.
  11. … also a credit insurance as additional security be useful!
  12. .. In addition to a guarantee or credit insurance, there are other securities that increase the chances of a loan.

Everything else about loans for the self-employed, freelancers, founders, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and small companies find loan seekers in our practice guide loan for the self-employed.

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Instant loan without Private credit – Who is the best provider?

There are situations in life that require quick action. There is the bill, which does not tolerate any delay, or the car, which is defective and has to go to the workshop, because otherwise you will not get to work: It will be tight if the costs have to be covered urgently, but the wage is still to come. In these situations one likes to resort to an instant loan. But what if the Private credit score leaves much to be desired? Is there also an instant loan without Private credit information?

Important to the best provider for instant loans without Private credit

  • Maxcredit scores with good credit offer
  • Loan requests are also processed on weekends and public holidays
  • Small loans also possible for customers with negative Private credit
  • Annual percentage rate is between 5.29 percent pa and 15.95 percent pa

What is an instant loan?

If you want a particularly quick credit for your loan, you have the option to take out an instant loan. This type of loan is provided exclusively online. That’s the only way to ensure swift loan processing and loan repayment. In the case of instant loans, the customer usually learns within a few minutes whether the bank approves or rejects the loan. However, you should know that this is initially a provisional commitment. For the complete processing certain proof, like information to the income, must be submitted. In addition, the lender checks the creditworthiness of the customer. If all conditions are met, the provider usually arranges the transfer without delay. Even instant loans without Private credit information are offered. The processing of these is usually faster.

Who offers instant loans without Private credit?

As already mentioned, there is the possibility to get instant loans without Private credit. There are different providers to choose from. The peer-to-peer platforms promise a swift loan approval and a quick transaction of the business. The so-called P2P providers, auxmoney, are credit intermediaries who provide loans between private individuals. The advantage of this principle is that with some providers also loans are possible independent of the Private credit rating. In addition, the investment in the loan projects of the loan seekers, represents a lucrative investment for the lenders.

Maxcredit Apply for a loan directly from Maxcredit Do you have valuables? Online pawn shops, such as iPfand, offer their customers a pledge of their valuables and consumers receive a loan equal to their estimated value. No salary or credit checks are required, as companies view the pledged valuables as collateral. If the customer can no longer pay the installment or trigger the value completely, the pawn shop retains the item and auctions it. It can not be said that this is an instant loan. The transaction can take several days. Thus, the valuable item must be collected from the customer and thoroughly checked again until a transfer can be arranged.

Special platforms, which are known to grant loans independently of Private credit, also offer the possibility to take out an instant loan.

Maxcredit has the best offer

Maxcredit is a professional service provider specializing in retail banking. In addition to traditional loans, the provider also arranges instant loans without Private credit.Maxcredit attaches great importance to the fact that the credit intermediation remains a private matter between the borrower and lender and therefore deliberately waives a Private credit query. Applying for a loan is absolutely easy in just a few steps. Just a few moments later, the customer receives a provisional commitment. For a complete transaction, the customer must send the signed credit agreement and the required salary statements to the company. Maxcredit guarantees a very fast processing of all requests, even on weekends and holidays.

At Maxcredit loans are possible from 3,000 euros. The maximum amount is 250,000 euros. For loans without Private credit information, only loans up to a maximum of 7,500 euros are allowed. The annual percentage rate is between 5.29 percent pa and 15.95 percent pa The range is so large because the interest ultimately depends on the creditworthiness of the customer.

If you have some money left over and would like to prematurely dissolve the credit at Maxcredit, you can do that anytime and completely free of charge.

Our conclusion: In just a few steps to the instant loan with Maxcredit

 The application for an instant loan without Private credit is absolutely uncomplicated and quickly done at Maxcredit. In just a few minutes, customers will know if the loan can be approved or not.

Maxcredit is a competent credit broker with many years of experience, which gives many clients a chance at a loan, even in difficult situations.

Arrange a quick loan for 500 euros in no time



Do you want to arrange a quick credit for 500 euros in no time because you are a bit cramped? Then arrange direct money with a mini-credit today!   Borrowing fast money within 10 minutes is a possibility thanks to the online flash loan. With this you can borrow a small amount from 18 years! Borrowing money from 18 years without BKR control is of course handy if you want to borrow a small amount quickly. So you want direct money on your bank account, ask now 150 euros, 300 euros, 500 euros or 800 euros with an online credit provider and quickly borrow money within 10 minutes without BKR and paperwork!

Do you want to arrange a quick credit for 500 euros in no time?

Are you on the ground and for example you are short of 600 euros? Then you can arrange a quick credit for 500 euros in no time, but you are your wish! Shortage of money is an unpleasant situation anyway, because of course you have to pay all kinds of bills as long as you are without money. In addition, there are simply messages to be done and the rent paid. The most useful thing is if you can borrow a few hundred euros to avoid getting into trouble too much. However, do your friends have nothing for you and does the bank already struggle? Do not worry, an emergency loan might be something for you!

As a solution for arranging a quick loan for 500 euros in no time, you will take out an emergency loan

An emergency loan is a unique loan that you can request through online loan provider websites. You can not apply for this loan at the bank, because it is not an ordinary loan. Because you close this credit digitally, that saves a lot of hassle in terms of time and effort. For example, you can stay at home to apply for this loan, because everything is done via the website, so you do not have to come to the office at all. You also get the money much faster on your account. You do not have to wait weeks and go through all kinds of application procedures, but you can place your application via an online form in one afternoon. Some credit providers are already transferring the money to you the next day! Of course, this also depends on whether your application is approved in one go. So you can arrange a quick credit for 500 euros in no time!

You can arrange a quick credit for 500 euros or a different amount of cash in no time

An emergency loan is therefore mainly focused on applying for a loan as smoothly as possible and helping people get out of the fire as quickly as possible. This must be shortened on other points. This loan is known for the small amounts that you can apply for. Think of a max of 1000 euros. The advantage is that you can also close smaller amounts, which is often not possible with banks! From five euros you can apply for an emergency loan and the exact amount is yours to determine. The repayment term is usually around four weeks, so keep that in mind! So you can arrange a quick credit for 500 euros in no time, or for a different amount!